Happy 4th of July from Hermosa Beach

Photo essay from odd Ironman celebration

There is an odd 4th of July tradition in the tiny SoCal town of Hermosa Beach that goes like this: at 8 a.m., hundreds of people will run a mile and jump in the ocean to paddle a mile on their boards, and then top it off by drinking a six-pack of beer.

And then, they will kick off the holiday by proceeding to throw up in the sand.

That alcohol isn’t allowed in the sand during normal times, is forgotten and forgiven. Don’t ask. But what photographer (and there were many of us out there) could skip out on this street photography bonanza?

Photographed on a Sony RX10IV camera.

The Running

The Paddling

The Posing

The Drinking

The Finale

Who’s ready for a BBQ? Happy 4th of July everyone!

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