More from Pasadena: Fiesta floats

Split peas and almonds as well as roses!

Last week we brought you a Photowalk of Pasadena, California. All eyes are set to focus on the L.A. suburb for New Year’s Day and the big Tournament of Roses parade and Rose Bowl football game.

This week, we’re diving head first into the Parade. My friend Stefan Pollack invited me to beautiful Irwindale, California, for a sneak Photowalk peek at the Fiesta Parade Floats facility, to see them as they get built.

Like I would turn that one down?

What I expected: to see tons and tons of roses being assembled onto floats. It is the Rose Parade after all.

Reality check: the roses get put on at the last minute. The floats are made out of wood, and adorned with spices, nuts, seeds, bark, fruits and vegetables. “We wouldn’t want to call it the split pea parade,” I was told during my visit to Fiesta. But the reality is, as you’ll discover in the video, is that a whole lot of other ingredients make up the majority of the floats.

Take a look at the photo directly below, and you’ll see some pretty prominent peas in those eyes. Again, the beauty of a Photowalk. You notice things you never really focused on before. Or at least I do!

At Fiesta, some 11 floats were being assembled, for such sponsors as Chipotle, UPS Store and Northwestern Mutual. All told, there will be 39 floats in the parade.

It’s a little late for volunteering to help assemble the floats, but for next year, here’s a link:

Gallery: More photos here

Blog post: More info.

The parade starts at 8 a.m. PT on January 1, 2020 and will attract thousands of visitors to Pasadena. And speaking of the City of Roses….

ICYMI: Our Photowalk of Pasadena

I’m joined by my pal Dave Basulto, the inventor of the iOgrapher smartphone/tablet mobile filmmaking tool as we embark down the parade route, in search of Pasadena’s top photo spots.

Back to the beach

Our most popular photo on social media this week—it’s the Pier! Again.

What’s different? The rain brought water all the way underneath for a look I hadn’t seen before. After all these years, the magic never ceases!

Good Morning #christmaseve from #Manhattanbeach
December 24, 2019

Tweet of the week

Hello Dolly, so long Jerry Herman. RIP.

That’s a wrap for the latest Photowalk newsletter. Have any special plans for New Year’s? No photographing for me, as it looks like we’ll be camped in front of the TV, looking to finish up watching “The Irishman” on Netflix.

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Happy new year everyone, and onto the roaring 20s!