Savannah Photowalk, with iPhone 13

I shot an entire episode of Photowalks with just the new phone

As many of you know, I brought the new Apple iPhone 13 Pro with me recently to Savannah, Georgia to shoot an entire episode of the Photowalks series, on location.

I hope you’ll all do me a big favor and click the link above to check out the Savannah Photowalk.

Savannah is one of the great photo spots in the world. It’s got a gothic New Orleans vibe with amazing old nostalgic homes and wide, Spanish moss covered streets. And best of all, it’s a town that’s made for walking. No need for car or bus rides around to check it out. Just ask my brother how he enjoyed those 30,000 step days!

Meanwhile, one picture is worth 1,000 words, right? So here are a few highlights.

If you would like to see how the iPhone 13 performed, please check out the video. And for more details on the good, bad and ugly of working with the device, I’ve got a detailed article in PetaPixel.

Plug: The second season of Photowalks kicked off Friday with the Savannah episode, and new editions will now post every Thursday on YouTube at 5 p.m. PT., through the end of the year.

We’ll be visiting Las Vegas, Zion National Park, Palm Springs, Kobe, Japan, Oahu, Hawaii, Santa Fe, L.A. delis again, and next week will check in on my home of Manhattan Beach.

Robots and such

This week Amazon got lots of press for a new $1,000 robot that’s part security camera, part AI companion, part walking Alexa. The fine print is that you need an invite from Amazon to win the right to purchase it, and that you’ll be waiting a long time to see it. Easily 12 months, if not longer, I believe.

Yeah, it sounds cool, creepy and potentially scary. What happens when you live in a two story home and Astro gets near the stairs? There goes $1,000 falling down and becoming inoperable.

Through the years I’ve suffered through so many robot announcements. They’re cool things to show off to the press, but turns out consumers have little interest in actually buying one when they get the chance. I’ve watched too many of these robot companies go out of business, due to lack of interest.

Granted, Amazon has deep pockets, but as a consumer, I wouldn’t pay $100 for a rolling Alexa with eyes on an iPad like screen, let alone $1K. You?

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Photography

For the last umpteen years, I’ve spent many a Saturday photographing families for the Jewish rite of passage known as Bar/Bat Mitzvahs. It’s a great chance to work on my portrait skills, and more importantly, for the moms, dads, their kids and the extended families, the opportunity to document the life cycle tradition that keeps the customs passed on from “generation to generation.”

My latest class for the folks at the educational website: a Photographer’s Guide to Bar/Bat Mitzvahs. I lay out my tips and tricks for photographing portraits, ceremonies and parties. I also met up with my friend, the photographer Robin Aronson to compare notes. Another bonus: the rabbi’s son Jacob from local temple CTJ was kind enough to pose for me to demonstrate, both solo and with his fantastic dad.

The Kelby website, which focuses on Photoshop, Lightroom and photography skills, offers memberships starting at $9.99 monthly.


I’m leading another live Photowalk in Manhattan Beach Thursday 10/7 at the Pier. We meet at 6 p.m. It’s a free event so I hope you’ll come out. Sign up here:

And we end with a song

The best part of making the Photowalks series is meeting old friends and making new ones while exploring the city. Thank you Shannon, Brittany, Karin, Kiley, Jason and Elyse for helping me see Savannah through your eyes and thanks to old friend Howard Paul for welcoming us to the headquarters of fine jazz guitar maker Benedetto again.

We have a great interview in the episode about Savannah, and ended with a duet. While we did do a tune by native son Johnny Mercer (“Satin Doll”) the best song of our session is here, my father’s all-time favorite, “All the Things You Are.”

On that note, have a great first weekend of October everyone. Let me know your thoughts with a HEART click or just replaying to this e-mail. Thanks again for reading, watching and listening!