When in Atlanta: the best skyline shot

It only costs $15, but worth it

As I noted the other day, I’ve spent the week in the South this week, visiting my brother Jez and sister-in-law Mindy in Atlanta, and venturing down to the magical, historical city of Savannah as well.

The second season of the Photowalks travel photography series returns 10/1 with an episode devoted to Savannah and some of the new friends I met down there. More to come on that next week.

Meanwhile, while in Atlanta, a quick tip for anyone with a camera. The city that’s home to the largest U.S. airport and is the 9th largest metro area in the nation happens to have a really dynamic downtown skyline worth capturing. Where to do that? Thanks for asking.

There are two great spots to pick up a great shot.

Obviously standing in the middle of the downtown area won’t help you much. You need some distance to get to see the buildings.

My photo spot picks: the Jackson Street Bridge and the roof top of the Ponce City Market. (That’s where the above shot was taken.)

The market is a cool foodie/shopping experience inside an old, massive former Sears store in the heart of downtown Atlanta. I didn’t have the time to record a complete Photowalk episode in Atlanta during my visit, but if you come to town, this is a great place for a short walk.

The Jackson Street Bridge overpass is a good half-hour stroll from the market and while it’s free, you can’t see the full length of the skyline from there. You also have cars and the road in the way, unless you have a long lens on a camera.

The view from the top of the Skyline gives you angles from every corner, and it’s a better way to capture the complete downtown. It costs $15 to enter, and another $15 if you want to play games or take the rides that are available up there. Many cities have similar setups, but often are covered in reflective glass. Up at the Skyline, you have wide open, clear space, which is way better for our photography.

Either way, the market is a great starting spot. Then you can walk through the Beltline down to Highland Avenue and turn at Jackson Street to get to the bridge. This is a great way to spend the afternoon. Top it off by strolling two blocks down the street to Irwin Street. There’s the historic Ebenezer Baptist Church that was once home to Martin Luther King Jr. along with MLKing National Park.

iPhone 13 Pro Review

I’ve written so much about the new iPhone 13 and iOS software update in recent weeks, I don’t want to bore you and drone on again, so I’ll make it real short.

The feature I was most excited about is called “Cinematic Mode.” It blurs the backgrounds in videos and it exceeds my expectations. The video looks awesome.

You can now shoot ultra-closeups with the new macro lens, and that’s really helpful. Aside from those two features, the cameras seem pretty much identical to the previous model. If you use your phone professionally, as I do, for video, I wouldn’t hesitate upgrading for a second. It’s a must have. For the rest of you, probably not. Questions about the iPhone 13? Just leave a comment and I’ll answer in detail.

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One more note about the iPhone 13:

Savannah Photowalk

Look for season 2 of Photowalks to begin Friday on YouTube, beginning with the Savannah episode. The entire show was shot on the iPhone 13 Pro Max, so you’ll be able to check out the Cinematic Mode video, super-strength zoom lens (77mm), low light and macro capabilities. The photo of me below was captured in Cinematic mode on historic Jones Street.

Thanks again for taking the time to read my latest and let me know what’s on your mind. Have a great weekend everyone!



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