Big news! Goodbye USA TODAY

After one really long, amazing run, time for Act III

In the personal news dept. I’ve got a big announcement!

I’m stepping down from USA TODAY, effective 1/4/21, after an incredibly long, amazing and unprecedented multi-decade run. 

Gannett recently announced buyouts, I’ve accepted the offer and couldn’t be more excited about what will be my Act 3*. 

—First up: I’m working with the amazingly talented Peter Spirer and Rugged Entertainment on the next phase of the Photowalks series. We’re expanding the scope of my YouTube travel photography show into half-hour episodes that will be seen on video on demand in February.  

—I’ll be blogging daily at, posting all over my social channels and running the best of in my weekly newsletter. If you’re not subscribing, please check it out. (

—There’s a book in some of the topics we’ve explored here together on social media that I’d love to pursue.  And I’m writing several companion Photowalks photography books to accompany the 2021 series launch. 

—And as always, I’ll be active photographically for hire, shooting portraits, parties and whatever else pops up. Need a new headshot? I’m your man.

Aside from that, I’m open to all ideas, so please hit me

In the meantime I’ll have more reflections on my amazing run at USA TODAY in a goodbye column (1/2/21) and subsequent newsletter edition in the coming weeks. Many of you probably don’t know that I started off covering TV, before switching to tech in 2000. More to come on that. 

For now, I’d like to thank Michelle Maltais, the last of my 14 editors over the years and Ben Brown, the very first, who initially welcomed me to the fold. And the biggest applause to Susan Spillman for making it all happen, once upon a time ago. It’s been an incredible ride.

More stories to come. Stay tuned!

P.S. Sorry to be a broken record, but have you seen those amazing December sunsets? They latest sunsets are even more spectacular than the November ones! Go outside and check out the great free light show! (Sunset tonight in Los Angeles is 4:44 p.m. It’s 4:51 p.m. in Pismo Beach and San Francisco and 4:29 in New York City.)