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Now I understand why iCloud works for me. I export all of the photos I want to keep to JPG (ok, if I REALLY want one I might save it in RAW and I know many photographers will cringe when they see this, but quite honestly how often do I EVER go back to old photos and need anything but the edited version). When I use Lightroom on the phone this is super easy. If I shot it with the main camera app, I can still pull it into Lightroom and then export it to files.

I move the export with my logo to the phone until I post it or use it in a newsletter, then I delete it. That way I know what I have posted and what I haven't. There are some photos that go into folders I keep on there (family photos for instance, and a few favorites). But even those get exported if I want to keep them.

This system does work well for me - I wish I had been using it years ago because those are the photos I can't find!

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