It’s so true. I think the other big piece of advice - especially in the digital age - is take a lot of photos.

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All you can do is present the technical differences. Most choices are made for subjective reasons not facts. No camera has a magic button. Your advice about getting up early is a good place to start. If we care about our pictures we will spend the time and it takes a lot of it. You can’t depend on the happy accident.

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Hi, Jefferson,

I'm with you.

If an article's title is which is better, I am hoping the author states which is better.

The "it depends on..." conclusion is the product of a weak mind, and an even weaker writer.

Bon voyage! Glad to hear you're going to have some adventure!


Stuart and Michelle

P.S. Leave the laptop at home. It'll save you the 3 hours of filing a police report in Paris.

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